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Heben is a young company, founded in 1995, but it has been growing steadily since its foundation. We are proud of our history and of many milestones en route to today’s position as a big agrochemical manufacturer in China.
Wenzhou Lucheng Heben Pesticide Factory was founded by Mr. Zeng Zhong Wu and some of his friends and relatives, including his son Zeng Ting. Mr Zeng Zhong Wu is a chemist who just retired from a post as the Chief Chemist at Wenzhou Industrial Science and Technology Institute. The factory was located in the east part of the Wenzhou City, different from the place where Heben headquarters and head plant now is located.
The factory was a pesticide technical manufacturer, the first product at the factory is metalaxyl technical.
Wenzhou Lucheng Heben Pesticide Factory was approved as a legal producer of pesticide technical by the Authorities in Beijing.
Production of Organotin products started. The tin products being produced include fentin hydroxide, fentin acetate, fenbutatin oxide and azocyclotin.
Bromoxynil Octanoate production started, Heben is the first producer of bromoxynil in China.
The company was issued the right to export to foreign countries by the local authorities.
The company changed its name from Wenzhou Lucheng Heben Pesticide Factory to Zhejiang Heben Pesticide & Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Mr. Zeng Zhong Wu, the president of the company, and his team attended BCPC in Brighton, UK, the world agrochemical venue at the time. This marked the beginning of Heben’s products being sold around the world.
Propiconazole production started, the beginning of Heben’s triazole products.
The new site for Heben’s relocation in Yanjiang Industrial Area was determined, and preliminary work started. The site has an area of about 5 hectares.
Heben relocated from its old facility to the new one, which is now the head plant and headquarters of Heben. Production started in that year at the new site, The old site was planned for urban redevelopment by Wenzhou government..
Zeng Ting, the son of Mr. Zeng Zhong Wu and co-founder of the company, was promoted as the General Manager of Heben, and he started to take care of day to day activities of Heben alongside his father.
Difenoconazole production started, it is the second triazole product by Heben. Along with penconazole which was put into production the following year, and propiconazole, Heben has got three triazoles and started to gain momentum for these three products.
The Jiangsu Heben site was determined and preliminary work started. The new site is in Rudong, Jiangsu Province, and it is in the Chemical Industrial Zone. The site has an area of about 14 hectares, or 200 Chinese Mu. The new facility is named Jiangsu Heben Biochemical Co., Ltd.
The new facility at Jiangsu Heben started trial production, the products being manufactured include difenoconazole, bromoxynil octanoate, ioxynil octanoate, propamocarb hydrochloride, triflumizole and hexythiazox.
Wenzhou Lucheng Heben Small-Sum Lending Co. Ltd started operation, with registered capital of 400 million RMB, Heben is the largest and controlling shareholder.
Jiangsu Heben Biochemical Co was given the legal status as the basic agrochemical technical producer by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China.
Jiangsu Heben Biochemical Co. started its second phase of construction, with two more synthesis workshops and one liquid formulation workshop planned. The project is expected to be finished in the year.



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